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NZ Study trips

NZ Study Trips is a modern approach to education. For 10 years they are helping people to make their dreams of living in New Zealand come true. Studying in New Zealand is a big step towards employment and life in the land of the Long White Cloud.

Web design in New Zealand, Marina Peresvetova

This educational project was in need of renovation.  Initially, the customer asked me to update the icons on the Instagram  page. After that, a decision  to significantly update the design of the  existing site was made, and to facilitate necessary information search.

The  company also updated the logo to a more concise one and its color , so  the color palette became the basis for the entire site.  Since the site  is designed mainly for young people and specialists, a bright and  cheerful yellow tint was the best solution.

We decided  to move away from the formal style of presentation and therefore used  origami vector illustrations which create a sense of playfulness and a  friendly environment.

When setting up a site for  WordPress, it was extremely important to prevent loss of previous site  data and refresh the appearance of posts.

Web design in New Zealand, Marina Peresvetova
UX/UI design in New Zealand, Marina Peresvetova
UX/UI designer in Auckland, Marina Peresvetova

Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Webflow, Wordpress

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Marina Peresvetova

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