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The Nail Story

The Nail Story is outstanding industry leading service with revolutionary concepts.

Our hand picked nail artists are giving you a result that is second to none, hygienically and safely.

Web design in New Zealand, Marina Peresvetova

The customer turned to me with a request to redesign the existing site and, as a result, increase the number of leads.

For this project, I chose a romantic style and delicate shades of pink and gray colors, since most of clients are girls.

The Cinzel serif font for headings is status emphasizing and associates with high standards of quality customer service.

Since  the main requirement of the customer was to create a site with the  possibility of further editing all the components of the new site, I  used the Wix platform, or rather the new Editor X.

Initially,  the site was meant as a landing page but later the customer decided to  introduce additional functionality on the site, such as a booking form  and online shop, so at the moment the site is under development and  attracts more customers.

Web design in New Zealand, Marina Peresvetova
UX/UI design in New Zealand, Marina Peresvetova
UX/UI designer in Auckland, Marina Peresvetova

Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Editor X

Platform used

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Marina Peresvetova

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